Fran Beallor

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22″ x 14″ Ink on New York Times Sports Page 1993

In this piece I explore how it feels to break up or to be dumped, betrayed or otherwise abused. I used the sports page of the NY Times to make a poetic analogy between losing at love and losing in sports (after all, sports and love are often entangled in the headlines). In both cases it is not the end that matters most, it’s how you play the game.

My life has been a perfect example of how the sexual revolution of the sixties led to a resulting accumulation of boyfriends (ex-boyfriends, that is). I was obsessed with them for a time, and thoughts about relationships often informed my work of that period. The resulting paintings, drawings and prints are relics of those relationships which were all startlingly similar. The faces changed, but looking back I realized how many things all my exes had in common. I kept thinking I would find the “right one,” but it wasn’t until I changed myself that I was able to do any better.

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