Jake Selvidio

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click on this link to see the videos: http://www.selvidio.com/ExGF.html

These videos are part of a series of post-breakup interviews I’ve conducted over the last few years. Subjects include my family members, close friends and ex-girlfriends.

Ex-Girlfriend Videos, Part I:
My high school girlfriend recounts the details of our time together in this sincere, poignant and occasionally awkward reunion.

Ex-Girlfriend Videos, Part II:
Lighthearted and optimistic, a college ex looks back on our decision to stick things out as we both left our summer jobs to attend separate colleges.

Ex-Girlfriend Videos, Part III:
A long-time friend and ex-lover delivers a frank account of a fling that never quite got off the ground. Some good-humored, but pointed questions finally offer some insight.

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