Marta Spurgeon

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Through this series my work examines identity development and the makings of inner narratives through the lens of my own past several failed romantic interactions. Each of these collaborative pieces features a portrait of a former love interest and a quote written in his own handwriting contributed for the purpose of this project, something he said to me that I believe characterizes the relationship. Individually the images reveal the minor personality flaws, pains inflicted and miscommunications of my subjects, however, cumulatively, they begin to disclose my own self-perceptions as I navigate an emotionally treacherous dating arena.

Series of 8 images, hand-screened 3-color prints on 18”x24” cover stock, 2008
4 pieces are included here; quotes read as follows:
Brendan: “I’m keeping my options open.”
Mikolaj: “I’ll have to check my calendar. I’m pretty busy.”
Gabe: “I’m looking for my ex-girlfriend, only better.”
Brook: “Do you think we get along better when we’re fighting?”

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