Michele Brody

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Teabag Diaries is a wall piece made up of a series of stained tea bags hung in rows as a diary. Each tea bag is the remnant of each cup of tea I brewed from morning to night documenting a month-long break up. Here are examples of what I wrote:

Jan 6, 2004
night time
Organic Rooibos
Dreamed last night of
making love with Bill, I
was on top and
as we were thrusting we
suddenly came to a point
where we had reached so
deep that everything stopped
Time stopped our bodies stopped
our heart simultaneously
stopped – we had reached
a depth so deep where
everything stood still –
Utter stillness
and peace – Then later
I dreamed of having
a baby – a boy – I
think though I wanted
a girl.

Jan 8, 2004
Morning – China Black
Dreams of Bill expressing
how being away from me
sometimes wishes to
just reach out & touch
me – but does not
because does not want
to cause more pain.
Had a image of my
hair gone totally gray
short & curly what worried
about what kind of
dye to use –
Also Amy was in there
driving around to her place

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