A still from “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” 2009 with Matthew McConaughey.

After the conservative fifties came the sexual revolution of the sixties and a brand new phenomenon: the accumulation of boyfriends or girlfriends. The artists on this site have documented this in a wide variety of ways. Some use their ex-relationships as a basis for all or most of their art, others found art pieces that already existed. The creation of these works conveys many basic needs, among them, to collect and categorize, to search for patterns or repetitions, to sum up, and ultimately to self-examine.

These works are available for exhibition.

Contributing Artists (in alphabetic order):

Nava Atlas      Fran Beallor     Michele Brody

Colette Copeland     Victoria Crayhon     Patricia Fabricant 

   William Graef      Amy Hill      Lisa Levy  

  Meghan McInnis     Katie Minford     Andrea Morganstern     

Ron Richter      Jake Selvidio      Judy Simonian     

Marta Spurgeon     Cindy Tower     Chris Twomey

 click on an artist’s name to view their work or see the complete exhibition

please send submissions to exboyfriendshow@gmail.com

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